Windshield Repairs

If you have a chip on your windshield caused by a rock from the road and have insurance coverage, you may be eligible for a free windshield repair. Most insurance companies will waive your deductible to repair rather than replace your windshield. This process if more cost effective for the insurance company and in the end saves you money. This is a service you may already be paying for but not know about. If you are not sure of your insurance company’s policy, contact us with the name of your insurance company and we can better assist you.

Below are some examples of repairable windshield damage.

*As a consumer, you should know some of the limitations of the repair process.
Windshield repairs are most effective if done immediately after the break. Debris and moisture can compromise the repair process and may even cause repairs to fail. Windshield repairs are designed to keep windshields from breaking further; however, they are not a cosmetic fix and will not disappear. Windshield repairs are designed to stop the chip from cracking further; however, as glass is unpredictable, windshields can crack during and even after the repair has been done.

Qualifications for a repair:

Windshield repairs cannot be any bigger than the size of a quarter and cannot be in the direct line of vision of the driver. The direct line of vision is where the windshield wiper goes over the windshield on the drivers side.